Jag har under en period jobbat med en serie av djurporträtt. Kombinerat blyerts, kol och akryl, realism med ett mer abstrakt uttryck. Nu i dagarna har jag inlett ett samarbete med Galleri Ardenno som har gjort giclée fine art prints på några av mina tavlor. Här visar jag en nysignerad giclée av en fransk bulldog. Upplagan är på 50 st. Om ni köper en direkt av mig så skickas de rullade och du får själv lämna in den för inramning.

Eller kanske du har en egen hund du önskar få avmålad i denna stil? Maila mig i så fall på annika.art@telia.com.


/Annika Wessmark



Girl in arbor

Reference photo for this painting was taken at the place I lived before we moved to our old school. Behind the old house was an arbor of lilac probably placed there to provide shade for an even older rootcellar. In early summer the lilacs gave the surroundings a pleasant scent, and this time of year is the best I think.
The model is standing right there, between the arbor and the house.
Behind the dark arbor you can see a glimpse of the illuminated meadow leading down to the water.
How wonderful it was to live there, I could take a towel in my hand and naked wander down to the beach and then in total isolation go swimming without a swimsuit. It really was a total sense of freedom.


/Annika Wessmark

Invigorating moment- painting by me and my husband


This is a new painting by me in collaboration with my husband. He has made the underpainting in acrylic and I have completed it in oil.
This painting shows a woman bathing in a lake in Sweden, the summer here in Sweden is quite short so you do not get many opportunities for swimming outdoors. But when the weather permits, it’s lovely.

Furthermore, to swim without a swimsuit, gives a great sense of freedom, and you can really feel at one with nature. A moment for total refreshment of body and mind, an invigorating moment… 78x78cm 30″x30″.


Mini, a cat to remember

This painting that I recently have finished was an old not finished painting that I lost the desire to complete because the reference photo was quite bad. But the cat, called Mini, was so dear to me, so special, and I  really miss him, so I  gave it another try. It is a smaller painting compare to my others that I made during this year, just 30 x30 cm. It is so nice to work with this size, so easy to handle, and it will be easy to find a place on the wall in the studio for him.


Mini, Oil on linen 30×30 cm

A peaceful moment

Today I finally got better pictures of this painting that I recently have finished. The model (Linnea) is sitting on a pier in a lake just nearby (Fryken) and the sun is about to go down. A time of day that is really peaceful, my favourite time, when all noise is silenced.

”A peaceful moment”. Oil on canvas 48×68 cm.


A peaceful moment. Oil on canvas 48×68 cm